New name, new era, new website (coming soon!)

In the 10 years since we began, our knowledge and our clients have both grown. Multisensory thinking is now established as a deeper approach to branding and design.

Every moment we interact with a brand or product is a sensory experience. Whether online or in a shop – the colours, textures, shapes and weight; the sounds and smells along the way, all effect how we feel about it, evaluate it and love it.

That’s why we’re now called Sensory Experiences.

Because life is a constant stream of sensory experiences that affect how we perceive the world around us and influence how we behave.

We create sensory environments, experiences and rituals that immerse people in your brand. We consult on research, development and design to help you enhance product perceptions. We bring a sensory layer to touchpoints that might have been missed.

The website will be back up soon. In the meantime it’s business as usual.